7 tips to develop a more usable website or mobile application

How to develop website or App?. The main goal of any website, app, or software – is to be useful and usable for your audience. For any user, the point is to start using any software, app, or website – its intuitive bar, user-friendly interface, creative design and it is the most important – it should solve their problems and justify their goals. Of course, all these components have to be in tandem with a strong technical side: automation adaption for screen size, absence of any bugs and errors, poor pages download speed, unable to translate your website or app in user’s native language, etc. Invest in good hosting and are afraid of incorrect links. Your potential audience’s good experience or your website or app directly affects the success of your business and your future sales.


Nowadays a wide range of websites and apps have been launched and it’s not easy to surpass your competitors. Most of the users will stop using your web products and engage with your business if it has poor performance and if it’s not achieved its goals. Put your users at the head, make it customer-centric, and exceed expectations, where it is easy to complete any action, what they came for. Here I’ll give you 5 articles that will help your software, website or app become well-known and successful:


1. how to develope website with Intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface

On your landing page, everything must be visible and easy navigating: Bar panel, location, services, easy access to go back on the landing page, easy to understand category names, terms, descriptions, technical support which will answer every user question, etc.  Test every position and word on your bar. On every page information like “contact us”, location, support, terms, etc. should be located in the same place. Test your website many times on different categories of peoples to make sure that they don’t have a problem with using and clear understanding.

2. Use the most popular languages

Not every UAE or other country resident speaks well in a local language. To avoid misunderstanding, try to translate your web products into more languages and let users choose the language. It will be more pleasant for them to read in their native language. It must be quality translated from native speakers, customers will be ready to engage with your company and buy your business products easily if they feel that you care about them. The biggest and successful companies translate their websites in 4 of 5 languages.


3. How to develop website or APP and Reduce the download speed

Your users expect a few seconds to load between pages on your website orapp. Speed helps to keep users on your web products longer if they can quickly and easily serve it. If the page was not loaded in 3 seconds or is not finally viewed, they might become impatient, close your website and choose your competitors, who care about technical moments and speed more. Use special tools to check your website speed and optimize it as much as possible. Nowadays a lot of great site speed checking tools have free access, some of them even give you tips on how to speed up your website or app (for example optimize pictures sizes and check your server speed).

4. Fill your Web products with relevant content

Your website content should be responsive to users’ requests and solve their problems. You should provide them with full and deep information about your product and services to help them to make decisions. You can read more information about this paragraph in Relevant content – is one of the most important aspects to increase your website page in Google (hyperlink to my previous blog which I wrote before). Provide them with a guideline about all possible questions and answers which might be about your brand. Don’t be afraid to share with website visitor’s excessive information, including prices. Search Engines rate your website better in ranking if you’ll provide your customers with full information.

5. Provide your users with onboarding at the beginning

It helps to guide them quickly and easily. It might be 5-6 slides with very short information about features or tutorial rules on how to use your application or website effectively. First impressions are always crucial and help to engage new users with your product. Onboarding helps to show your company values and strong sides. And don’t push your audience to pass onboarding necessarily, add a “skip” bottom.

6. Don’t forget about Chatbot

If your users will have problems, difficulties with understanding, questions, which they cannot find on the provided information, they want someone to assist them – the best solution is to create a life automatically chat with a bot, which will 24-7 able to answer on all questions with information from your website and FAQs (a list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject, especially one giving basic information for users of a website). If at the end of the day, the bot will not find an

7. How to develop website or APP with Perefect UI/UX Design

User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) play one of the most major roles in your website or application success. Sometimes we can call UI – visual design and UX – user feelings and interact with technologies. Both of them are extremely important to deliver your website and app usability. UI includes screens, bottoms, icons, pages, navigation system, sounds, etc. – everything that the user sees in your app or website. Your design functionality and elements like color, style, and number of visual elements, If UI- it points to technology, UX – it’s more about emotions and psychology. You have to follow characteristics like visibility, accessibility, credibility, usability, etc. It’s obvious that if your app has poor design performance, users will stop using it. Try to prove your design as much as you can. Use the focus group on hot bottoms, tools in your design, and the most important – on your product. Choose a great balance between color and text, which will not bother their eyes.

The number of customers who will stay on your website and engage with your product – depends on the quality of your UI and UX design. Does your website or app structure make sense? Is every important bottom on your bar visible? What does its prototype look like? Does your design interact with you? Does the design allow you to use your web product easily?

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