QR code is a well-known technology and great marketing tool. It is connecting physical and digital worlds. First created in 1994 in Japan. There is a variety of different QR codes with different purposes and different versions. Here are 22 interesting facts about QR codes: 

  • QR codes are a physical link.
  • QR codes are more than just black and white pixels, it is a complex and structured set of codes with data, format information, position, alignment and timing.
  • QR codes are cheap and easy to make.
  • Two-thirds of all QR codes are scanned by women.
  • There are many versions of QR codes. The version of QR Code depends on the number of modules it has. Here you have some examples:

  • There are many types of QR codes. Today’s standard QR Code is known as “Model 2 black in the day”. Other types of QR codes are Micro QR, iQR code, SQRC and FrameQR (which we are going to discuss in the next article).
  • QR codes can be static or dynamic. Static cannot be changed, however dynamic is described as recyclable.
  • QR codes can sustain any damage.
  • The Quiet Zone of a QR code is crucial for it to be read by a QR Code Scanner.
  • QR codes can be customized (they have minimum size and they like contrast):

  • QR codes can have logos. Which boosting brand and it is one of the most famous marketing tools.
  • QR codes can be used to make mobile payments. It can be linked to a PayPal account and will allow people to transfer money, to receive payments or to make donations.
  • QR codes can be used to download files such as (PDF, MP3, MOV, etc.)
  • QR codes can show YouTube videos.
  • QR codes can be used on the web to point a problem or to show the instructions. Whenever a user finds the infamous BSOD or (blue screen of death) a QR code is displayed that upon scanning gives support as to how to fix the error they bumped into.
  • QR codes can track scans – one of the most important functions of the QR codes is to track how many times it was scanned and used.
  • QR code can be downloaded in bad quality. Since QR code is available as a vector image (EPS, PDF or SVG) the format is set so the user should not worry about the image resolution of the QR code.
  • QR codes are now used by big Private Companies and by Governmental companies.
  • The largest QR code on record was created by Audi, which measures a whopping 159 square meters.
  • The iPhone is the most popular scanning device for QR codes.
  • Over one-fourth of all scanned QR codes were scanned by 35–44-year-old consumers.
  • Japan and USA have the highest QR code usage rate than any other country.

QR codes are a tool. The key is to think outside the box when you are developing a QR code marketing campaign. Your QR Code Users should always feel a need to scan the code and there should always be a reward for doing that. 

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