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The Gearbox

At Naya Group, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in propelling The Gearbox to social media success, with a particular focus on Instagram. As a digital agency, our expertise in the realm of digital marketing allowed us to effectively leverage The Gearbox’s unique strengths and establish a captivating online presence.


With The Gearbox’s offering of affordable luxury car repair services and top-notch facilities, we crafted a strategic approach to highlight these key differentiators. Through visually stunning content and informative captions, we showcased the dealership experience at budget-friendly prices, while emphasizing the significance of regular maintenance.


Our efforts resulted in the creation of a robust online community, comprised of satisfied customers and passionate car enthusiasts who not only appreciated The Gearbox’s services but also actively engaged with their content. By effectively communicating The Gearbox’s value proposition and delivering valuable content, we successfully positioned them as a trusted one-stop-workshop, ensuring their triumph on various social media platforms, most notably Instagram.