Affiliate marketing is how you earn a commission for promoting a good or service. Simple, isn’t it? Will you be the one producing the good or service? No. You are neither the manufacturer nor are you the retailer.

Your job is simple: tell people about the existence of someone else’s product and lead them to make a purchase. It’s not just about promoting the product. There is always a specific goal for every affiliate marketing campaign.

There is usually an agreement with the product owner and often involves you making a sale. In other words, you get a payout every time someone buys the product through your promotion/marketing. However, some might come with different goals.

All they need is for you to get people to download an app, use the free trials of some products, and so on. But whatever the target result is, get it right, and you might never need another source of income. Ever!

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What Are the Different Types of Affiliate Marketing?

For something as simple as selling products, it comes with some mystery. After all, you’d be selling products you didn’t create. So, it is only natural for there to be a place for selling goods you have used. And also those you have no idea if they are good — or not. That leads us to the different types of affiliate marketing that exist.

1- Unattached:

Look at these types as a spectrum — moving from being a stranger on the net with lovely goods to sell — to being a trusted marketer everyone loves. And unattached is, as its name implies, unknown to the buyers.

All you do is rely on the miracles of

Pay-per-click advertising campaigns. You put up a product ad. Then, you hope people click and buy the product. If they do buy any, you get your commission.

2- Related:

For related, your buyers know you. The products you are promoting relate to your focus niche. However, you are not a direct user of any of the products you are selling.

You are at risk of promoting a product that might provide the buyer with little or no satisfaction. And really, that one failure might be all it takes to pull down the trust your audience has for you.

The way to make this successful is by being completely transparent about the products and your promotions.

3- Involved

Well, nothing beats being directly involved.

In this case, you only sell a product you have used. That means you are a testimony to its assumed satisfaction. And nothing converts a prospect faster than watching testimonials.

So, as you’ve guessed, this is by far the best of the three. And it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Well, to be sure all is clear to you, here is a complete breakdown of the process of earning a commission as an affiliate marketer.

First off, you want to start by selecting your promotion platform. It can be your blog, social media page, and many more.

Then you put up a link to a product on the store on this platform.

Your audience comes, clicks on this link, and makes the purchase.

Your affiliate network records the transaction. Also, note that all affiliate marketers get to have their referral links. That way, the producer or retailer knows which marketer is worth the commission. Fun, simple, and lucrative! These summarize affiliate marketing. And with only little needed as capital and an attached low risk, you’ve got nothing to lose if you start now.

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