Creating brand identity and brand character is one of the most important components for companies and businesses. It helps to define your business and build clear understanding about your company. Brand character builds values and establishes consumers’ opinion about the company. It gives completeness to your brand and distinguishes you from your competitors and makes your brand unique. Audiences will recognize you from your brand and associate your service or product with your brand. It’s a connection between your business and your customers.

creating brand identity with right character for your brand attracts customers and makes them trust your company. Your brand says what are your values. Essentially, your brand is your product personal identity and your promise to your customers. Brand helps your company to be recognizable for your audience, will associate your brand identity with your service or product and build connections between you and your customers. Brand creates an experience which will promote your company for engaging with a client.

“Brand is the sum total of how someone perceives a particular organization. Branding is about shaping that perception”

– Ashley Friedelin

Brand identity isn’t just a logo or product, it’s a charisma, identity, character and leadership traits. You have to ask

yourself simple questions to understand your brand character: What do you want customers to feel about your brand? Which words can describe your service or product? Which category of people do you want to attract? What are your favorite things in your brand? …and etc. What defines your brand?

Creating Brand identity includes in itself:

Memorable logo

That’s the first thing, which your customers will see, when they will meet with your company, explore your product, see your ads on the street and etc. Clear and creative logos come first. Logotype is a core of your brand identity. That’s the central and the most essential part of your brand. It should be very simple and recognizable, then customers will get positive experience from it and engage with your brand. On all your ads, website, software, products etc. logos should be in visible places as much as possible. It might be a memorable symbol, icon or just your company name, which will help your audience to visualize and recognize your brand. Logo is your brand signature.

Color palette for your brand

Clearly define colors for your brand and logo. Choose a clear core colors or colors combination for your brand, select a right

color contrast for your web and online products. All colors from your palette must match with each other, colors should be not dirty and not much contrast with each other. You can choose from 1 to 4 primary colors. These colors should show your character, emotion and energy. Secondary colors will be on your background materials or shade. They have to look beautiful, match with the main colors, but don’t grab all the attention from them.

Typography and visual style

Nowadays you have a wide choice of different styles and fonts. It helps your audience to get the right experience. You can choose a size of letters, font style, text color and style for paragraphs. Some companies can choose 2 or more fonts, which will match with each other and with general style and colors. Your font style must be in harmony with your logo, colors, style and etc. It should be recognizable, readable, good looking and kind of “simple”. Specify your font design and letters size for each page, distinguish headers with big letters, middle ones for sub headers and for all articles and paragraphs something smaller.
Your brand identity has to be recognizable in any element of design. All elements, pictures, media files, which you’ll use for your brand must match with each other. All illustrations, designs, pictures should have the same character and style. Advisable to use your color palette, which you chose before. Same style means not only colors, it must be the same style of media, images, design and etc. itself, for example all details are zoomed, or focused on one object, or with a soft focus, it should have similar graphic elements and the same type of design itself. The best way is to create your own customized illustration for your brand identity.


You can call it: your brand slogan, motto or catchphrase, which helps to define your brand. It’s a phrase, which will represent your name, show your brand position, attitude and energy. Tagline is something that comes under your logo and stays in your customers mind, every time, when they will see your logo or hear it, they will associate it with your brand.

For example: McDonalds: I’m lovin’ it.

It should be memorable, short, show brand perspective, reflect your identity, differentiate your business from others and, one of the most important, be original and creative. It has to induce positive emotions and feelings, generate engagement with your business and create brand awareness and meaning for your name and business.
You need to create your strong brand identity with specialists, because it is a core point to your business prosperity. Our professionals from Naya Technomedia, who are passionate about work and great results will pay huge attention for all details to make your business image.
Think about your brand as it is a person, how it looks like, which filings does it has when you look at it. Your customers, or even visitors have to trust in brand character ideas, which you want to convey to them. If they will love your brand – they will definitely engage with your idea and company, and they will share it with their closest ones. It will certainly lead your company to success and prosperity.

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